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Arpil 2016

Sports Econ 101 April 2, 2016 guest Rick Welts, president of the Golden State Warriors. We discussed moving to the new arena, what is making the Warriors so successful, how Steve Kerr changed the environment, what it takes to be president of an NBA team and how things have changed over the years.

Sports Econ 101 April 9, 2016 guest Jim Barnett, discussing current and former NBA players, the league, the NCAA finals.

Sports Econ 101 April 16, 2016 guest Jon Kingdon, discussing the latest with the Raiders, Manziel, and stories from the past.

Sports Econ 101 April 23, 2016 guest Steve Baker, sports agent, discussing salary caps, new rules for rookies regarding money, and the upcoming NFL draft.

Sports Econ 101 April 30, 2016. We talked about the NBA playoffs and the injuries recently sustained and how Sam Bradford wants a trade from the Eagles two months after getting a $35M contract.