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February 2014

Sports Econ 101 February 1, 2014 guest Craig Morton, former NFL quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos, discussing this week's Super Bowl match up with the Bronco's Peyton Manning and Seahawk's Russell Wilson. We also discussed Craig's role in the NFL lawsuit over concussions. In addition, we talked about the sports figures we lost in 2013, Roger Goodell's desire to change the extra point kick, former great Jerry Kramer of the Packers also being a field goal kicker, and 22 year old Michael Carter Williams, rookie for the 76ers allowing his stepfather to get  him to put his $4.5M in trust that Michael can't touch for 3 years.

Sports Econ 101 February 8, 2014 guest Gene Immendorf, private investigator, to discuss the need for investigators in sports. We also discussed Quicken Loans and Berkshire Hathaway's offer $1B to anyone with a perfect March Madness record, Andrew Bynum not liking the repetitive nature of fundamentals, Matt Sherzer's one year deal worth $15M, Robinson Cano's 10 year, $240M deal with the Mariners, John Smoltz not getting intot he Hall of Fame this year, Sports Franchises and what they are worth, Ray Guy finally making into the Hall of Fame for 2014, and Roger Goodell possibly allowing for the use of marijuana in the NFL.

Sports Econ 101 February 15, 2014 guest Steve Travers, sports author and former baseball player. We discussed the 2014 Winter Olympics and how Venezuela has one participant. We also discussed Alex Rodriguez dropping his fight against his suspension and Maurice Cheeks getting fired before the All Star break and what impact this happens on team morale.

Special video interview with Steve on his book about John Wayne

Sports Econ 101 February 22, 2014 guests Jeff Greenwald and Keith Power, sports psychologists. We discussed various aspects of what goes into sports psychology. We also covered how Derek Jeter's retirement announcement affected ticket sales, running back Jennifer Welter, the first woman running back in pro football, the Texas Rangers decision to acquire Prince Fielder, and Oklahoma State's sophomore guard, Marcus Smart losing his composure.