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February 2016

Sports Econ 101 February 6, 2016 guests Jon Kingdon and Rich Walcoff discussing Super Bowl 50. Rich shares his interview with Steve Young, and Jon talks about his years with the Raider organization for 33 years.

Sports Econ 101 February 13, 2016 guest Jarvis Green, former defensive end for the New England Patriots discussing this years' Super Bowl and how he transitioned into the shrimping business.

Sports Econ 101 February 20, 2016 guest Bobby Evans, general manager of the San Francisco Giants, discussing the financial aspects of being a general manager and the outlook for the recent trades done by the Giants.

Sports Econ 101 February 27, 2016 guest Steve Kroner, sports writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, discussing March Madness and MLB Spring Training.