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May 2013

May 4, 2013 guest Paul Kingsman, 1988 Olympics Bronze Medal Winner, discussing his exciting race and distractions, questions about large salaries paid to athletes and their affect on ticket prices, athletes collecting Worker's Comp, athletes who made millions who are now broke, and Tim Tebow options

May 11, 2013 guest John Coyne, discussing why golf is on the decline, athletes needing to file tax returns in multiple states, disability insurance for athletes, bad calls from umpires that cost players money

May 18, 2013 Edward, Vern, and Bruce discuss referees protecting high profile athletes, questions as to when a player should retire, and women competing with men

May 25, 2013 Edward, Vern, and Bruce discuss whether or not referees help more popular teams advance in playoffs, mistakes that cost players' careers, and athletes shifting from college to the pros